IEP Inner Circle $97 (ONE TIME FEE)-No monthly cost

Lifetime access to over 10 IEP related videos, resources, materials, templates and so much more…

No more searching Google.  You will have  EVERYTHING you need to navigate and be best prepared in 2021.

Learn how to create Functional IEP Goals? 

Is your child being Included?  I teach you ways to provide inclusion with thinking outside of the box strategies!!!!

Just enter your childs information and you will have a ready to use templates… 

It’s time to go with a proven IEP process!

Hola, I am Wanda Malone

(AKA Wanda Malone Educational Services).




I am an IEP Coach/Advocate and provide Educational Consulting Services in English & Spanish.

My name is Wanda Malone. I am a special needs mom and Bilingual (English & Spanish) IEP Coach/Advocate.  I have been an advocate in the special needs’ community for over 13 years.  I help special needs families and the special needs community navigate the overwhelming IEP/504 process.

My role as the IEP Coach is to guide, assist and create powerful/meaningful IEP, student centered and ensuring that our kids are being prepared for the future. My collaborative approach = success for the students.

I collaborate with IEP families and teams all over the US. I have been servicing families remotely for years. I have been providing training and support to the special need’s community for over 7 years.  Since COVID, I have done more virtual/online training this year.

My passion is providing the team with key information so that they are aware of the process, steps and have the knowledge to make informed decisions in the best interest for the student. I am huge advocate for preparing our student for the furture by creating Functional IEP Goals!!!!

I have a BA in Sociology from the University of WI-Madison.  I have undergone a lot of training to assist me in training families, providers, and the community.

Join us in the IEP Inner Circle and these are the things…


You WON'T have to:


Waste Countless hours searching Google for answers! 

Worry about how to handle the next concern with the IEP!
Not know how to advocate without a plan.
Pull your hair out… wondering… what is next? WHY are they not listening to your concerns???
Contemplate just saying “I AM DONE!”  
Scream because you are so frustrated!

You WILL do:


You will gain immediate access to all the videos and resources on January 13, 2021.

You will also be invited to our private FB Group!

Ready to use samples and templates – Just insert your childs name and ready to send!
You will feel Empowered with information and knowledge!!!
Create a Meaningful IEP Plan – Learn how to advocate with a plan by using my resources and templates. I will provide you with the appropriate verbiage to use…
BEST Community Support…  Gain the  knowledge, training and support to ensure that you are BEST prepared for your next IEP meeting.
What’s next- what do I say, how do I respond and what do I write!

You Will Have A Community To Support  YOU Everyday!



Self Paced Videos and Resources!

You have lifetime access to these videos.  Additional videos will continue to be added.

You can do this at your OWN PACE.. NO RUSH!!!

Everything you need to learn the ins and out about IEP, process and timelines..


No More Google Searches!

No Reason to waist your precious time continuing to search the internet and spend countless hours searching for what you need!  I guide you on what is next!!

Ready to use sample letters and templates!

You will have full access to use these resources. Simply insert your concerns, childs name and with a few key strokes you will have a ready to use letter that is customized to your childs needs!

Private FB Group!

Weekly  LIVE Q & A with our group!


It is not only the videos and resources, you will have access to ask me questions!

* Group Coaching Available*

If you need to have directed group coaching, look no further!

This level of support provides the group with access to everything in the IEP Inner Circle, as well as weekly zoom group coaching and a private FB Group Coaching page.

* Additional fees apply*

* One to One Coaching Available*

If you need to have direct 1:1 coaching on a monthly basis,  this is the right level of support for YOU!!

This level of support provides you access to everything in the IEP Inner Circle, as well as access to weekly group coaching calls and  1:1 monthly calls with ME!!

* Additional fees apply*


Is this all really true???
YEP! I have done it all for you.  I am sharing all the trainings, learning and best practices that I have learned over the years..  I have it all ready for you to use…
How quickly can I have access to the IEP Inner Circle?
You will have immediate access to all the videos effective January 13, 2021.  We will also send you an invitation to join our private FB IEP Inner Circle Group!
How long do I have access to these videos?
You will have lifetime acccess.  When you have a question, you can come back and get your answers!
Is it REALLY only $97? Are there any hidden costs?
It REALLY is only $97 (one time fee!) and there are no hidden costs!

However, we offer a few additional services such as Group Coaching and 1:1 direct Coaching. These levels have additional costs.

How do I stay up to date with IEP information?
Updates will happen automatically!


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